Retired? – God Ain’t Through With You Yet!!

A couple days ago, I had the wonderful privilege to go and minister to some folks at a local nursing center.  It was an amazing experience.  It has been years since I had been involved in this kind of ministry.  I met a man who was previously in ministry, and he shared with me about Jesus whom he called his faithful companion.  He went on to tell me that even though he was in this nursing home he was still going to preach the Bible.  He host weekly Bible studies in the dinning hall, and does what he can to pray over the sick and hurting.  I was amazed at this man’s heart for God.  It inspired and encouraged me.  It also got me to thinking about many of God’s men and women who are so called “retired” sitting on the sidelines enjoying their lives while there are people all around them suffering.  All I have to say about that is “God ain’t through with you yet!!”  He has things in store for your life that you can’t even begin to imagine if you will just be faithful and serve. Don’t waste your life get out there and share the good news of Jesus.

No one says it better than John Piper.  Hear what he has to say…


Mission Impossible – Living for Something Greater than Yourself!

I constantly tell myself that “I want to live for something greater than myself”; however at the same time I find myself questioning my abilities.  Because of this, at times I feel like a failure, but when I look at things from God’s perspective I realize that I am 100% inadequate for the mission that He has in store for my life, but God on the other hand is fully capable.

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Monday Mind Dump!!

What’s going on people!  Man it has been crazy the last 8 weeks.  I have been on the mission field of church planting North of Kansas City for the last 8 weeks, and God has been doing some awesome things.  I just wanted to take a bit, and in an unorthodox fashion just pour out some of the things that are running through my head.  These are in absolutely no order.

1. Church Planting is hard work!!  If you are contemplating planting a church, you better check yourself.  It may seem like the cool thing to do, but I promise you that if you are not CALLED you will fail, and fail miserably. Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2010!! – Giving

I wanted to take just a second during this hectic holiday season to wish all of my family, friends, and followers a Merry Christmas!!  I also want to thank everyone who has supported my family in our transition to church planting.  It has been really intimidating, but we are excited about what God has in store for our life and for North Lake Church.

Please be praying for my family as we adventure on one of the most hectic 12 day journeys of our lives.

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