Monday Mind Dump – Spring Break Edition

Spring break is here and it is 30 something degrees outside.  I thought the whole idea of Spring break was to get a break from winter. Anyways, I will have to make the best of this week.  In spite of the freezing temperatures I am fired up about what God is going to do North of Kansas City in the community of Smithville in the Spring and Summer of 2011.  Things are about to get hot!!

I want to first start off by thanking everyone who has worked so hard over the past few months at North Lake to get us where we are at today.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  God brought together people from all walks of life, and created a force to be reckoned with.

With all of that being said, here is what is running through my mind… Continue reading


The Church Death Grip – Holding on to the Insignificant

For centuries churches have had their rituals, and sacred practices, and for many of them that is what fuels their very being.  What once was created to worship God eventually becomes an idol (God)  in which takes precedence over the true purpose of the church.

Many times when we talk about holding on to insignificant practices we tend to reference traditional churches, but I started thinking about all the methodologies of many of the  churches that are proclaiming to be cutting edge.  Continue reading

Monday Mind Dump!!

What’s going on people!  Man it has been crazy the last 8 weeks.  I have been on the mission field of church planting North of Kansas City for the last 8 weeks, and God has been doing some awesome things.  I just wanted to take a bit, and in an unorthodox fashion just pour out some of the things that are running through my head.  These are in absolutely no order.

1. Church Planting is hard work!!  If you are contemplating planting a church, you better check yourself.  It may seem like the cool thing to do, but I promise you that if you are not CALLED you will fail, and fail miserably. Continue reading

Whole New Ball Game

Today is the first day that I have even been able to sit down, and do a little bit of work on the ol’ PC since my transition to church planting.  I don’t have an office set-up yet so I have been working at the local McD’s, but hopefully come the first of the week we will have a central hub/office for North Lake Church. 

This has been a great change of pace.  Over the past few months I have become so content in ministry.  Nice office, nice church, nice group of people, and I found myself too comfortable with where I was at.  It wasn’t until I started reading Steven Furtick’s book “Sun Stand Still”, that I started realizing that I was sick of settling for great when I can experience God’s best.  I have stepped out in faith, and loving every miniute of it.  The McDonalds saying “I’m loving It” doesn’t even decsribe the excitement, and adventue that I am experiencing right now. 

The worst part about being on a spiritual high is knowing that there are some spiritual lows that are going to effect me just as powerful. It is important that as I begin this adventure that I am reminded that this is a whole new ball game.  Not only am I on a different team, there are different rules, different opponents, different strategies, different rivals, but the same old adversary.  It is like going from playing baseball to football.

The most important thing is that I am spiritually equiped for this (Ephesians 6).  Time to strap up the helmet, put on the shoulder pads, and lace up the cleats.  It’s Game Time!!

Transform Your Church By Transforming Your Leadership Part 3


You have to take the initiative to be initiative. You rarely ever have a natural desire to be initiative.

Most hidden passage of scripture for Church Leadership: Galatians 2:1-10

  • It is time to Move (after 14 years), Initiate God given vision. v.1
  • Bring others with you (Barnabas and Titus) v.1
  • Go because of Vision/Revelation v.2
  • Proclaim the Gospel/God’s Vision v.2
  • There will always be false brothers/believers/followers/staff v.4 – Purpose is to spy out our freedom that we have in Christ.  Try to catch you slipping up, and enslave you to
  • Never give in to false brothers, not even for a moment, so that the truth of the Gospel will be promoted. v.5
  • You cannot be partial even to those who seem to be (LEADERS) influential. (What they were makes no difference to me; God show no partiality)  Theses people add nothing to you, your ministry, and your vision. v.6
  • Feed the Vision, Grow the Vision, Share the Vision, Communicate the Vision, Initiate the Vision.
  • When you are faithful to God’s vision, He will put pillars (faithful men) in your life to support you. v.9
  • Remember the purpose of your vision. v.10
  • It is time to initiate your God given vision!!

Key things you should be initiating: Continue reading

Transform Your Church By Transforming Your Leadership Part 2

I spent another awesome day hanging with the BNC crew, and I learned so much.  Here are just a few of my notes. Enjoy!


Worship begins with you – the pastor.

The hardest thing for a pastor to ever do, is let go.

Two things you can’t let go of:

  • You cannot let go of the Vision aspect of Worship.
  • You can’t delegate the weekend experience. (Sunday Worship)

Every other aspect of worship needs to be delegated.

All aspect of ministry need to be intertwined within the worship experience.

Leadership doesn’t happen because your over them, but because you are kin to them.

You will not have worship if You don’t know that your called to this: 1 Tim 3:1-

  1. Bishop – Overseer  (Pastor is a gift, not a calling, but the Bishop is someone who is called.) v.1
  2. Above Reproach v.2
  3. Husband of One Wife (Man) v.2  Your marriage is a mirror of your salvation.
  4. Temperate (Be the person that carries the energy in your church – the “leader lift”) v.2
  5. Self-Controlled – Self-Denial v.2
  6. Respectable (look sharp, hygiene, presence, etc.)  A respectable person is a respecter of persons. v.2
  7. Hospitable (Your door needs to be open.  Keep your house clean and presentable to others.  Make sure you have people in your house.) (Be apart of your peoples lives. Example. Show up at a ball game.) v.2
  8. Able to Teach (Able to shuck the corn.  You have to bring it every Sunday – blistering hot!) v.2
  9. Not a drunkard (Stay away from it completely) v.3
  10. Not violent / Not quarrelsome, but gentle v.3
  11. Not a lover of money v.3
  12. He must manage his household well. (Parenting/Pastoring your home) v.3


Me w/Shannon O'Dell

Practical Application of Worship in Your Church


Stay true to your non-negotiables.  Don’t adapt to every fray and fringe.

1.) Weekend Worship Experience

  • It has to be fresh!!
  • Be who you are, and let it pour out of you.
  • Worship Environment/Elements – Sensations = Sight, Sense, Smell, Sound, Savior

2.) Kids and Students

3.) Volunteers

  • Celebrate your volunteers

4.) Community Groups

Sometimes you have to eliminate good stuff in order to experience the great.

Things to Consider Before the Worship Experience: